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Kittens are naturally inquisitive, which can often lead to serious injury. Here are some tips on how you can make your house safer for the new arrival.

  • Kittens love to chew! Keep electrical wires covered and out of reach. Use clear packaging tape to flatten cords to the wall, or a pet-repellant spray to discourage cfish.jpghewing.
  • Caution with common household agents! Cleaning agents, disinfectants, bleach, paint, gasoline, pesticides…can be lethal. Keep them out of reach and locked up.
  • Store the antifreeze in a tightly sealed container way out of reach. Pets are attracted to its sweet odor and taste. Wipe up any spills on the garage floor. Window washer fluid also contains antifreeze!
  • Take care to make sure that personal hygiene items and medications are out of reach (ie. Cosmetics, dental floss, lotions, hair care products, antihistamines, aspirin etc.)
  • Warm dryers are very intriguing to cats! When doing the laundry be sure you know where your cat is before turning on the next cycle.
  • Cats love to jump onto countertops. Watch out for hot curling irons, clothing, irons, coffee pots, space heaters, fireplaces, and stove tops.
  • Killer house plants-there are many common houseplants that present potential dangers to your cat if eaten. (See Plants to Avoid)
  • Chocolate can be dangerous. It contains a powerful stimulant called 'Theobromide' that is toxic to pets.
  • Don't leave plastic bags out. Curious cats love to crawl in them and could suffocate. If they are playing in a paper bag, cut the handles off so they cannot strangle themselves.
  • Be aware of any hanging drapery cords.  They are best put up and out of reach so cats cannot get tangled up.
  • Treats can be treats. Never give turkey, chicken or rib bones for a treat as they can easily splinter and cause serious injury.
  • Keep covers on swimming pools, hot tubs and sump pump holes. Kittens christmas.jpgcan fall in and are not able to get out.
  • Before closing the refrigerator door, double check that a curious kitten hasn't jumped inside!
  • Choose toys wisely. If anything will fit in the mouth, consider it dangerous. Watch out for rubber bands, balloons, sewing needles, thread, string, ribbons, pantyhose and hair nets.
  • Honk your horn! Remember that engine warmth promotes cat naps, so honk your hown before starting the engine to wake pets under the hood.
  • If you treat your lawn with chemicals, keep your pets away. Read and follow label directions carefully.
  • Remember that collars and harnesses can rapidly outgrown, leading to serious wounds.
  • Keep holly, mistletoe, and Christmas tinsel out of reach.